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A colorful new patrol car is roaming the streets of Manchester in honor of Pride, decked out in rainbow stripes, the slogan “Police With Pride,” and a decal reading “Let’s End Hate Crime - Report It.” 

Labour Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Lloyd said: “I am very proud that Greater Manchester Police takes such a visible role at Manchester Pride.

“It sends an important message to Greater Manchester and the world that the service is committed to equality and supports the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people.

“Decking a police car out in rainbow colours isn’t just a colourful statement – it’s a bold one.

“It shows that GMP is on the side of equality. I also hope it will give confidence to any victim of hate crime to come forward and report it.”

(via Pink News)

It sure sucks that women aren’t guaranteed bc coverage with employers but do we have other options?

Okay I will admit that I don’t know all the new rules under the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare) but I do that we aren’t getting all the benefits we as US citizens should be entitled to. I agree that it sucks that this issue has now gone to the highest court in the land and we got turned down. I do wonder, however, do we have other options, because I know that in the new climate, we can still shop for our own insurance but we still aren’t getting the best coverage. I’m actually on Medicare due to being on SSDI and I certainly don’t have all the health coverage benefits in the world. I can’t even get dental care on mine. I haven’t checked to see what type of birth control I can get on my insurance since the A.C.A. was put into place but I do know a few months before, I looked into getting an IUD (birth control pills don’t seem to work well with my body) and the doctors told me it could cost upwards to a $1,000. Yes, there are cheap birth control options such as the pill and condoms, but condoms are mostly used for STI/STD protection, and the pill can have so many side effects for so many women. Also most women at some point decide to get their tubes tied, get IUDs, or the new essure implant in attempt to stop their fertility long term. Those procedures are very expensive and I’m sure, they need more coverage then a bc pill. Not to mention, a handful of women end up getting hysterectomies in their elder ages due to complications with their changing bodies. 

In short, who should really be responsible for this type of coverage? An insurance company or a corporation that only provides some insurance coverage? I know part of the argument, is due to a company’s religious stance. I’m all for freedom of religion and free-market capitalism, however, I don’t think these two ideals mesh well. In my opinion, an employer of mine could a staunch Catholic, strict, Baptist, etc, but they should not be in charge of my lifestyle choices when I’m at home. In my case, I am not planning to ever work in a church. I am interested in non-profit work after graduation and that may require working with a church, however, there’s very few Christian or non-Christian churches I’m willing to work with due to the level of social and political activism each denomination tends to go with.

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